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A Sneak Peek About The Best Vape Brands In Dubai

best vape brands in Dubai

Without any dispute, Riot Squad is one of the best vape brands in Dubai. Even though the British-based brand has only existed since 2016, they have managed to rise through the ranks of the vaping industry. Riot Squad adopts an innovative approach to vaping and defines itself from other competitors with its amazing packaging and superior quality.

best vape brands in Dubai

Of course, it’s vape liquid! However, it’s clearly not the conventional e-liquid. Since a plethora of zesty flavours is offered under the flagship of this popular vaping brand. Riot Squad has established itself as a quality product among many vapers owing to its focus on potent fruit fusions.

List Of Top 3 Flavours Available From The Best Vape Brands in Dubai

1) Cream Leaf Hybrid:

Riot Squad’s Cream Leaf e-liquid is a strong and flavorful nicotine composition. On the inhale, a sweet cream flavour balances the savoury and woody tones of the leaf, and the two flavours combine to produce a rich vape tank that ultimately makes are the best vape brands in Dubai. This e-liquid, which is a part of the Riot Squad Hybrid Salt line, contains 50 per cent salt nicotine and 50 per cent freebase nicotine.

best vape brands in Dubai

The advantage of this hybrid nicotine flavour is that you would experience the quick nicotine absorption that you might associate with salt mixes, but with a throat sensation that is more prominent than typical freebase blends.

2) Sub Lime:

Riot Squad’s Sub-Lime e-liquid is a citrus blend with berry fruit undertones. This e-liquid mix blends sweet and salty tones and is created by combining bitter blackcurrant with tangy lime and lemon zest. best vape brands in Dubai

The nicotine used in Sub-Lime which is the flavour of one of the best vape brands in Dubai, it is a hybrid mix of freebase and salt nicotine. When vaped, you’ll still experience the quick nicotine absorption that you’d associate with saline blends, but with a throat hit that is more pronounced than it does with typical blends that are available in nicotine concentrations of 5 mg, 10 mg, and 20 mg.

3) Ultra Peach Tea E-Liquid:

Riot Squad’s Ultra Peach Tea e-liquid is a blend of beers that resembles a well-known beverage. Smooth peach and refreshing ice tea mix consistently for an authentic flavour. The hybrid nicotine blend used in Ultra Peach Tea e-liquid blends freebase and salt nicotine that makes the flavours of Riot Squad the best vape brands in Dubai. They are available in nicotine concentrations of 5 mg, 10 mg, and 20 vape brands in Dubai When used with a pod device or starter kit, this e-juice, which has 50% VG, produces a rich flavour with pretty much high cloud generation.

Is Riot Squad the best vape brand?

Riot Squad is undoubtedly the most popular and well-known vape UAE juice brand that has nailed it from every aspect by producing a vast variety of flavours to choose from and satisfy all palates. Their unique flavour combinations, along with the ultra-smooth hybrid nicotine salt base, set them apart from the competitors. best vape brands in DubaiRiot squad e-liquids is undeniably one of the best vape brands in Dubai that can be identified by their distinctive bullet-shaped pod design. Due to all of these factors and their reflection, vape enthusiasts consider Riot Squad as the finest of the best vape brands that helped them to win numerous awards at various expos and events.


The key aim of the Riot Squad e-juice which is the best vape brand in Dubai is to draw in more individuals who are interested in discovering as much about vaping and having a terrific vaping session. By instantly satisfying the needs and expectations of vape aficionados, the device sought to act as a spark for the vaping community. Over the years, Riot Squad has evolved into a reliable and trustworthy vape Dubai device with an exceptional fan base around the globe!


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