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Eleaf is since 2011 in Shenzhen, they quickly become one of the best-known vaping brands in the world.

Eventually, this is due to fact their continuous efforts and creative spirit. Decent cooperative relationship with their distributors and attentive service to end customers have enabled Eleaf vape become a worldwide famous vaping brand.

In fact, Eleaf manufactures their own vape starter kit series called the iStick series. The iStick, a model they have kept and perfected over the years. They expanded both horizontally and vertically, improving their existing models year after year while still managing to innovate.

Vape Monkey Dubai dedicates itself to providing the most affordable, authentic products available. Therefore we invite you to shop our full lineup of incredible devices, tanks, and mods today!

Besides iStick series, they also have iJust series. In the future, they will persistently pursue innovative design, elegant appearance, higher quality and better service. Eleaf hope have a more promising future with the world.

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