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quit smoking


E-cigarettes or vapes are the most beneficial aid to quit smoking which has come into existence to help people recover from the state of addiction in a more smooth way. This aid has proved its effectiveness in quit smoking.

E-cigarettes have gained huge popularity among adults of Great Britain and an estimate of 3.2 million are now using vapes. Vape products are excellent stop smoking aid which is less harmful and help people recover from the state of addiction. With the help of Vape Monkey Dubai, you can experience the real feeling of vaping in various flavors and products. Vape Monkey Dubai offers a huge collection of high-quality vapes available to help you quit smoking.

If you are considering using a vape or an E-cigarette, Vape Monkey Dubai can offer help and advice on choosing the appropriate type for you. Find the wide choice of brands and flavors we provide from our website where you can order and get quick delivery.

What are vapes/ e-cigarettes?

An e-cigarette, e-cigs, or vape are devices that allow you to inhale nicotine in a vapor form. It is different from smoking since smoking involves tobacco smoke that you would inhale from cigarettes. The process of using an e-cig or a vape is called vaping.

How do vaping functions?

You inhale two very harmful chemicals from cigarettes namely tar and carbon monoxide formed from the burning of tobacco and this smoke is inhaled making smoking worse and dangerous to health. In Vapes a solution called e-liquid is heated which contains nicotine, propylene glycol( maybe with vegetable glycerine), and flavorings. They do not produce these harmful constituents as cigarettes do to smokers.

Are vapes/ e-cigarettes safer than cigarettes?

Vaping is 95% less dangerous than smoking cigarettes, thereby reducing risks. Vaping produces chemicals at a very low level that is nothing when compared to those produced by smoking

Nicotine is not that harmful chemical even though it is addictive, there are many who think nicotine is a dangerous chemical due to this addiction but isn’t it said that coffee is also addictive? Smoking is really dangerous due to thousands of chemicals in tobacco and vapes has only nicotine making it the best aid to quit smoking. 

Find out more about the brands and products from us and get your order delivered at the earliest.

What are the different types of e-cigarette?

  • Cigalikes look similar to normal cigarettes, they have a small battery that can be disposed of or recharged.
  • Vape pens look similar to pen and they have a tank that stores e-liquid and coils that are replaceable. Their batteries last longer than cigalike batteries and are also rechargeable.
  • Pod systems are shaped like USB sticks or pebbles, are compact rechargeable devices, and use refillable or pre-filled e-liquid pods. They are easy to maintain use.
  • Mods are the largest vaping device that comes in a range of shapes and sizes. They have long-lasting rechargeable batteries, variable power, and refillable tanks. 

How to choose the right type?

People can make the choice based on their preference. Some types of devices are so quick in action that they produce nicotine very quickly and effectively than others, and have the high chance of making the person quit smoking.

For heavy and chain smokers, vape pens, mod, and pod systems are the best choice to try.

The nicotine strength may vary from low to strong in different products and s per the likeness of the person the choice can be made.

Vape Monkey Dubai helps to choose the best choice as per your preference from the wide range of products to help you stop smoking.

Where to get these?

Vape Monkey Dubai is the best place for you to pick your choice online. Place your order and get the product in your hand within a few minutes with high quality and standards. From thousands of happy customers, Vape Monkey Dubai leads to sell the best vaping products in the market without any compromise in the quality and at a very affordable price.

Will vapes help to quit smoking?

Thousands of people have quit smoking already after the arrival of Vape Monkey Dubai with the help of quality and promising products they sell. A high chance of success in quitting smoking lies with purchasing from Vape Monkey Dubai. There are lots of customers who have stopped smoking successfully.

Vapes can help you control your cravings towards nicotine. Vape Monkey Dubai has all products with levels of nicotine that can be used by people to make sure they are using as much as they want at the right range of nicotine to balance their needs of intake. Full benefits from vaping are obtained when smoking is stopped completely. Visit the vape monkey site to know all details regarding the products.

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